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“The right place you enter” has become a motto and quintessence of what Advanced Idea Resource Solution Sdn. Bhd., a company located in Rawang, Selangor, has been specialising in over last 4 years.

A prominent office supplies provider, Advanced Idea Resource Solution Sdn. Bhd. offers diversified range of upmarket designed business furniture and all sorts of personalised solutions for open and private offices.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎How we see ourselves, our staff and clientele

Our ultimate goal is to attain the level of a pre-eminent supplier and distributor of the official furniture and business interior components throughout the country as well as in the whole region. Our vision lies in treating our customers with the utmost professionalism and respect via offering the best quality output and efficient provision of the excellent services which evoke a sense of reliability and the right choice in the heart of everyone who comes to us.

At the cornerstone of our business philosophy rests the idea that it is our customers’ as well as working team’s ideas and needs that are of the ultimate value for us; their satisfaction shapes and directs our business process.

We do our utmost to provide unique opportunities for our inventors, designers and marketers to turn their ideas and creativity into something tangible, marketable and satisfactory in order to lead them to their professional success.

How we see ourselves, our staff and clientele

We do our utmost by offering to our numerous customers throughout the country the best of the products in order to create the cosy atmosphere of the right business place so necessary to work comfortably and focused hence fresh ideas can be born and brought into reality.

What we can offer to you

We offer and provide a tremendous variety of products that, in fact, comprises every aspect of business interior: from networking and wiring to office renovation plans. In our website you can find over 419 descriptions of goods in 80 different categories to fit your specific needs and requirements such as:

Furniture for business and educational purposes:

  • Convenient yet stylish presidential and executive desk series
  • Well-designed tables for meeting and conferences
  • Ergonomic educational workstations
  • Elegant office and classroom chairs
  • Comfortable settees, sofas etc.
Office equipments:
  • Queue-up stands, maps, poster frames, notice and menu boards series etc.
Automation systems to assist you in best optimising your existing business procedures:
  • From paper shredders to fingertip access control systems

Storage systems to organise your space in the most efficient way:

  • Steel and wooden cabinets
  • Cupboard and drawers
  • Personal lockers
  • Safes and vaults to ensure your security and peace of mind
  • Aesthetic and flexible open plan series for efficient team work
Various interior components suitable both for home and commercial activities:
  • Subtle wallpaper coverings
  • Pleasant window blinds
  • Upscale carpet and timber flooring
Moreover, we provide our cabling, networking and wiring services.

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Whether you are going to put into operation a new office or perplexed of how to renovate your present workspace in the most efficient and practical way, our team of professionals will guide your hand through the world of office furniture, equipment and automation for Advanced Idea Resource Solution is the right place to come in.